Nick Hans Music

Nick Hans is a singer / songwriter and street musician living in New Orleans, Louisiana. Originally from Tennessee, he spent a good chunk of his life criss-crossing the country, with friends or alone, playing in the streets and dives, basements, the woods, the side of the highway, and anywhere else he could find along the way. Nowadays he spends alot of his time in New Orleans writing and performing music with The Sluetown Strutters and working on his solo project, The Stay All Night Rounders. When he's not playing music, he'll probably be hoboing his way out west to work seasonally, or fishing and floating the rivers and bayous of south Louisiana.

Nick Hans and the stay all night rounders - DAYS OF OLD

Recorded by Joseph Faison at Long Gone New Orleans, Released August, 2017

Nick Hans and the stay all night rounders

Recorded by Dan Emery / Black Matter Studio - Released in May 2014 in New Orleans, LA.



 The Sluetown Strutters play mostly original songs, fun and rowdy Jug band stomps and struts, blues and jazz - music born in the traditions of street performance, songs and rhythms that still resonate with the same power, in the same places that they did a hundred years ago. Check out our BandCamp to hear our music, or come down to New Orleans, where you can find us busking on Royal Street most any day of the week.

Jackie and Ryan
movie score and soundtrack

Teamed with fiddle player Lyle Werner, Nick Hans and The Stay All Night Rounders recently composed the score and wrote songs for the  movie "Jackie and Ryan", written and directed by Ami Canaan Mann and starring Ben Barnes and Katherine Heigl. Be sure to check out the soundtrack for Jackie and Ryan featuring The Stay All Night Rounders and available now from Republic Records.